Opel is Back, Alive and Strong

From Outer Space: Monza.


From Outer Space

The German car manufacturer Opel has had many a bitter pill to swallow. Will America reduce it to the max? Would America mistakingly invest in the wrong industry? Ultimately, America has not lost belief in the very traditional OEM. And no, it is  not all about China. Opel can herald its best car portfolio of all times.

To support this notion of an OEM worth surviving, Opel is back with an impressive motorsports programme which is cost efficient. Motorsports Commercial Director Jörg Schrott can look back on a successful 2013. Among other things, Opel has managed to win a very potent partner, namely the German ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobilclub, e.V.). The motoring association is supporting the Opel Rally Cup.

Fast and futuristic: Opel Monza Concept Car. (Opel/©roe).

Fast and futuristic: Opel Monza Concept. (Opel/©roe).

And, most notably, during Essen Motor Show a new Concept Car was presented to the public: the so-called Opel Monza Concept. “The Opel Monza Concept breaks the conventions of automobile design, particularly in the interior,” says Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “With trailblazing LED projection technology, we create a completely new infotainment world with a unique sense of space. This comes with connectivity possibilities between drivers and their family, friends and acquaintances, and even with the entire internet community. Aspects that have been unimaginable to date.”

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