Dr. Ralf Marquard, Senior Vice President R&D with DEUTZ AG

“Susanne is one of the rare journalists combining a profound academic background, excellent language skills with an expertise in the automotive world. In our business sector it is rarely possible to find professionals like her.”

 December 2012, Ralf was with another company when working with Dr. Susanne Roeder at Globaliter Media.


Jürgen Kalwa, Journalist

Juergen Kalwa

“She has what the automotive press needs: a real point of view.”

Juergen worked directly with Dr. Susanne Roeder at FAZ.


Tony Sumner, Director at Pilgrim Projects Limited

“When I have worked with Susanne, several things have become very clear. While she is a great team player, she is completely able to lead from within the team when necessary or appropriate. She is a consummate professional – focused entirely on the task in hand – but she still remains personally engaged with colleagues and fun to work with. Her ability to work in an international team is made possible not only by her flawless grasp of English (which is the best, whether written or spoken, of any non-native speaker I have met) but also by a depth of cross-cultural understanding, particularly within the automotive arena, that has allowed me to have illuminating and entertaining discussions in English on topics ranging from the genesis and development of classic and contemporary Porsche and Mercedes Benz cars, to the writing and views of Jeremy Clarkson!”

2013, Tony was with another company when working with Dr. Susanne Roeder.