“En route with Susanne” – a word in edgeways

Love for four wheels




Losing my passion for cars is the worst mishap that could befall me personally and professionally.

Rest assured: It will not happen.
I may not always say what OEMs, suppliers, politicians or industry as such want to hear and consequently become ostracised for my view. However, I would not be a proper journalist if I let myself be put off by such demeanour. And, yes, I have had to experience it several times already. It has not at all impaired my passion for the automobile world. “Cars’n all that” has been and always will be my main raison d’être, professionally speaking.SLS+Sue_250x375.jpg

Welcome once again on my blog “En route with Susanne” – it will cover all aspects of “auto-motion”, even aspects you might not expect.

So, fasten your seat belts as I shall start this or that topic.
You are welcome to join and start off a lively debate in the best possible Oxbridge tradition.

All the best