“Mein unermesslich Reich ist der Gedanke,S_BürostuhlMG_8459-300x450
und mein geflügelt Werkzeug ist das Wort.”

(Friedrich Schiller, 1838)

Möge mir dieses Werkzeug dienlich sein, die Gedanken möglichst präzise und stilistisch fein zu modellieren.

“Conversation is the brightest and most beautiful part of life;
’tis an emblem of the enjoyment of a future state,
for suitable society is a heavenly life;

’tis that part of life by which mankind are not only distinguished from the inanimate world,
but by which they are distinguished from one another.”

(Daniel Defoe, writer and journalist, 1660-1731)

And as communication, written and spoken, is my business, I am happy to record that I am executing the most rewarding profession.

The target being to “either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”, as Benjamin Franklin demanded.

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  1. comment on “What’s up with Daimler”: yes yes, a top premium manufacturers who serves himself from the shelves of a volume manufacturer. We just call it badge engineering. Is the quality level of Renault-Nissan comparable to a product premium? So the “Star” is useful as a hole in the head.

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